Welcome to my site!


Welcome to Eliaslinked. Hearts linked together by God.

This page was started to give me a place to journal my thoughts on spirituality.

Recently I realized that I have more to write on. I’ve spent most of my life growing up and living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I also have had rheumatoid arthritis for all of my adult life. My hope is that some will find journal notes here that serve to inspire and encourage your journey.

A favorite quote of mine is from the artist formerly known as Prince. “Dearly beloved we are here today to do this crazy little thing called life.”

I’ve had a few wonder what Elias means. Here is the meaning of Elias.

“Origin of the name Elias: A borrowing from the Greek, Elias is a cognate of the Hebrew Eliyahu, which is derived from ‘ēlīyāhū (Jehovah is God). The name is a variant of Elijah, the name borne in the Bible by a prophet of Israel in the 9th century B.C.”

It’s also the name of a friend and writer. I felt the Lord dropped “eliaslinked, hearts linked together by God”, in my heart. Our connections are powerful, transforming. Our potential is limitless. God is moving over the waters!

So let’s do this crazy thing called life, boldly, without fear, and in support of each other.