What’s in a name?

I’m sure by now you are wondering what Eliaslinked really means. Elias in Hebrew means “Jehovah God“, linked is a verb, meaning to connect. Hence Eliaslinked! God connected.

What really connects us? Those things that we have in common, the things that make our hearts skip, or cause us to stop and ponder. God is doing a work of connection, joining, and knitting the body of Christ together in new ways. I see Him building bridges that span great distances. Connecting us over time,distance and cultures to bring unity, healing and great joy in our friendships.

Knowing that in each of us is the potential to do great good. The moment that you make that connection potential is released. All the potential in the world lies within a single connection. One of my favorite authors, Alexandra Stoddard writes about “unknown others”. Those people who will impact your life in a “forever way”, that you have yet to meet. That concept has always intrigued me.

Who are those people who God plans to connect me with? Where do they live? What are their lives like, what are their wants and needs today? How can I speak life and blessing to them? What can I say that will make them press in more closely to hear the heart of Jesus? Will it come in a whisper or a shout?

I’m so happy you have found me. Be inspired. Be curious. Be thoughtful. Most of all be authentic and be real. Be you, just where you are, just as you are. Today I will leave you with this. God has been speaking to me from Philippians since the start of the New Year. This verse in particular seems to be my theme for 2014. Maybe it’s yours too.

Finally brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable…if anything is excellent or praiseworthy think on these things. (Philippians 4:8) So go, enjoy your day. Think about those people in your life who have made you better just by knowing them. Look forward to those “unknown others” still waiting to meet you…maybe today. Be grateful, humble and love deeply!

P.S. If you need prayer please leave a reply below! Be blessed!


  1. Charis Psallo

    “God is doing a work of connection, joining, and knitting the body of Christ together in new ways.”
    Woot! Woot!!! Yes! Connected and knit together in Christ. El -i-Jah linked. Love it. Blessings on you, Zanenzoe! May you hold the pen (or keyboard) of a ready writer like the psalmist.

    1. zanenzoe

      Charis thank you dear for the word of encouragement you gave that brought me to this point. It was truly a gift from above. There are people out there just like you and I who are wondering about these ideas. They are looking for a way to understand what can’t be explained by mere words. I am excited to be on this journey. I have had some friends provide some good feedback, and may get some fancy add on features soon! How great is that to have the help of a friend to build a better bridge for linking hearts in Him. Be well and thank you for your kind words and inspiration!

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