The Joy of “like” heartedness…

What makes you happy, what gives you joy? Do you find that when you go about your day and see several people you know, it seems to give you a little boost. What about those days when you go to the grocery store and before you can make your way out, you have run into several close friends you haven’t seen for weeks. You share your hearts, your stories, the day in and day out of your right now. Even better when you have time to sit down and have coffee with one of those close friends. Sometimes just talking seems to liberate your soul from the burdens of the day. You smile and listen, they do the same, suddenly both look at their watches and jump up with someplace else they must be soon. A hug, a promise not to let it go so long before the next visit, and you go.

But the beauty of friendships is that with you, they will go also. Always deeply tucked into your heart. You hardly notice that they are there. At times when you are alone at the end of the day you have time to reflect on those who mean the most to you. You wonder about those precious few that are tucked into your heart. Maybe it’s been a week or two, you wonder if they are well, or if that school project turned out just right. You wonder if that recipe you gave them was loved by their family that night. Our hearts should be full of those little things that make our lives feel blessed. If you’re a guy maybe it’s thinking about the great day you had at the lake last summer trout fishing, or the day in July when you were out in the boat all day together, or the time he came by to lend a hand helping you with that project in the garage. We remember those who have touched our lives in different ways. Some are from many years ago, but you can still remember the sweetest smells that would come from her kitchen. She is in her late 90’s now. How long has it been since you devoted a day to go see that woman who taught you so very much…life is busy. It would be easy to reminisce and leave it to that. But our lives touching is what this blog is all about. Those hearts that are being woven and knit and linked together by God. I hope next time you think of that friend, who lives 4 hours away, you will decide few things matter more that taking the time to go and see her. Don’t delay. God puts these things in our hearts for reasons. The reasons only He knows. Time passes us so quickly. We are so easily distracted. Yet some of the greatest pleasures in our lives will be those moments, when we make the time to go visit that lady who taught us so much when we were growing up. She’s in her 90’s and time is short. Live your fullest day, shake of the mundane and seek that which gives life. Love and be loved, know and be known. Let your life get messy as its woven in and out of the tapestry of the lives of your friends and family.

When I take the time to remember deeply the love and friendship I have in my life I am strengthened. My resolve is made stronger. My vision becomes more clear. I told you that Philippians seems to be my assignment for at least the beginning of the year. When I think about Paul alone, writing, I think he must have felt really deep longing for the ones he had been through so much with. Much of the book of Philippians is written about the value of community. He encourages them to keep doing the good work they have started, and even if Paul is poured out like a drink offering he still is rejoicing and glad. He had walked with Jesus, the Master, and every memory of his time with Jesus was tucked in to his heart. Always there a sweet rememberance.

My challenge to you today is to make that connection with just one person who you deeply miss. Take the time to let them know that they blessed you and touched your life in a way that will always remain in your heart. Keep your heart linked with theirs. When you do you will be glad, joy will be your reward. Do not miss these moments, for we will not pass this way again.

Stop and meditate on the goodness of God in your life. Bring forth the blessings you’ve witnessed from your memories. Lay them out before yourself, as one would display a collection. The things He touched in your life, the provision He supplied when you thought it might not happen, the great grace that has been poured out for you in those times you needed it most. The times he met you right where you were at and told you “I love my child, I have always loved you.” Let the sweetness of those memories wash over you today. God is good all the time.

If you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any fellowship with the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose. (Philippians 2:1-2)

Enjoy this day, new joy comes to you every morning…Be grateful, humble and love deeply.

P.S. If you are in need of prayer please reply.

Blessings over you and yours this day in Jesus.

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