I’ll Believe It When I See It…and other such non-sense…

eliaslinkedresourcephotosTonight on my way to bed it occurred to me that to see what God see’s, to understand how God still speaks today, there are certain notions that must be dismissed. Until those notions have been dismissed and you have eyes that are actively looking for Jesus in everyday life, you will not understand these things.

God meant for us to be like little children. In order to understand this verse from Corinthians, you must first have at least the curiosity of a little child. Will you stomp your feet in a mud puddle just to see the pattern made by the splashes, will you mix every flavor of soda to into your cup just to try a new creation?  If those seem like a stretch, then maybe you will need to exit this train now.

Paul said this in Corinthians 2:9. And I believe Paul meant it. However, as it is written: “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” — the things God has prepared for those who love him–

Just in case you want to go old school, or Old Testament…God is ready for that too. He said it here in Isaiah 64:4 too.  “Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him.”.

Now you have God “the creator’s frame of mind” on the things he will do in the lives of those who love Him.  I am no bible scholar, but don’t have to be. I am called to Love Him. I am drawn to love Him extravagantly, like the one who broke open the perfume bottle and spent it all on Jesus. When you love, with that kind of abandoned come what may love, you begin to see.  You see what He see’s, and what He always wanted you to see. The lost, the broken-hearted, discouraged, the hungry, the weary, the weak, the ones enslaved by their own choices. You can see…and you can feel things you never thought you would feel. Love that comes in waves washing over you, and aches in your spirit that leave you crying and broken. It’s a full meal deal. You love extravagantly, pour your heart out to for Him…and then you can begin to see what He see’s. Then you can touch lives every place you walk with His love. Because once you see it, then you can act on it.

Say to yourself today…”Boom, Jesus give me eyes to see what you see.” Then look for it to be everywhere. You will not see it, if you don’t train your eyes to watch for Him. Train your mind to accept that the things you perceive are not just emotion, or from being tired, or trying to be “hyper-spiritual.” Because God will come in a way that makes you mind go “Boom” and you will be wrecked for how life used to be. It’s really that simple. Give your thoughts permission to be open to the little nudges or kicks in the pants that the Holy Spirit will bring to you. God can and does invade people’s lives, but He also comes by invitation. Jesus loves an invitation.

Open your mind to having “God thoughts, and dreams from Him”. The old testament is full of examples of supernatural occurences that really happened.  Make it fun, be child like and just say, “Boom, Jesus blow my mind. Let me see what you see, feel what you feel, and know your voice today, in Jesus name. Amen.”  Tonight I am more sure than ever that our belief in “coincidence”, “believe it when I see it”, and the all time clincher, “I’ll believe that when pigs fly” are the enemy of the miraculous in our lives.  Some other time I will tell you a story about the day “the pigs were going to have to fly in Eugene, Oregon.”

Say “yes” to Jesus opening up your eyes, and go out and look for a puddle to stomp in, or a snowman to build, or make yourself the most amazing soda fountain “mixed drink.” Then watch what will begin to happen in your life.

Be grateful, be humble and love deeply.

P.S.  If you need prayer, leave a reply.


  1. Schroonse

    I’m loving what you’re doing with this blog, I really do.
    This message is a good one, I get what you’re trying to get across and you’ve succeeded in doing so.

    I have a co-worker who isn’t a believer (she’s more of the New Age-type), but I told her that God has put some gold teeth into people, gold dust into churches and even onto people and she believed it. Her mind is very open, very childlike. It’s one of the reasons why I feel I can talk better with her than other Christians who have 99% knowledge of the Bible. It’s not a kid’s job to know the Bible, nor will he/she ever be able to (in my humble opinion). What a kid loves the most about the Bible is that it contains some amazing stuff that they are also called to do.

    A kid reading the Bible and feeling it = he/she will go out an do it.
    An ‘adult’ reading the Bible and feeling it = “Gotta stay inside, nobody will believe me.”

  2. Jane

    As someone who let my kids stomp in puddles and make crazy mixed soda drinks… I get this!
    My middle son had gold dust appear on his face once – it made him feel so very loved and special. All these wondrous things that God has for us, and all of them established in His love.
    I’m enjoying the blog, Nicky! 😊

    1. zanenzoe

      Love it Jane, when you are a kid, it’s all about experimentation, there are no wrong answers. As adults we have learned to be so cautious, dare we believe as rational Christians, that God can sprinkle gold dust on a child’s face, or put gold on a tooth, or any other miraculous think He might choose to do. I believe that the people who can see with child like eyes will see his miraculous things unfold on this earth. Bless you Jane!

  3. ginnywilcox

    While running out the door early this morning I only had time to read the first paragraph but I stuck with me all day. I was thinking about some things I may need to dismiss in order to allow God to show me new things. We all say we don’t have a God box but in reality we do…….it’s as big as our last revelation or understanding. I started laying those things down and really just rested in my day. I worked really hard today but I was striving for nothing. It was a great day and I am looking forward to having a conversation with God about it. I’ve always been one to go through puddles instead of around them so that part of this word really resonated with me too. Papa God plays with me all the time…..

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