What lies within us…


“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Created in His image. God has thoughts of us. So many that if they were counted they would number more than the grains of sand. His word says we are “Fearfully and wonderfully made.” He made us, full of potential, full of promise, full of creativity.  Paul saw and thought of those he cared for with God’s eyes. He saw the promise, he believed in their great potential to change the world, he realized the creative spirit in each one. Paul’s words gave life to the people around him.  His words and thoughts realized the potential in each person.  I believe Paul also saw the obstacles, but his words continued to urge them onward to the goal of becoming “Christ-like.” Paul wrote, “Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.” What a great encouragement.

So many of us struggle daily to realize our worth. Our worth to each other, our worth to society, and our worth to God. We live in a society that is so focused on the facade of beauty, wealth, and position. Sadly it’s an illusion. We are rewarded for our hard work, great ideas, good stewardship that is true. But our true value is in who He created us to be. How differently would we live if we lived believing this truth?  Created in His image. God has thoughts of us. So many that if they were counted they would number more than the grains of sand.

What do your eyes see? Look around you today. See what God sees.  See the promise and future in each one He created.  Let your words bring healing, encouragement and hope .  Your words have the ability to speak life and death. Choose them wisely. Bring forth life with your spoken words today.  Ask God for His words of encouragement.  If you see a picture, have an impression or a word of knowledge take notice.  He gives us these things to encourage the people around us.  Be bold speak a word of encouragement.  When He prompts you to pray for a stranger, stop and do it.  You have no idea what they are going through, you may be just what they need today.

You have great value, you have worth, you will impact this world with His love. You must wrap this truth around your heart. His love for you is unending. Your story is waiting to be told. Believe in who He created you to be.

Be grateful, humble and love deeply.

If you are in need of prayer today please leave a request in comments. Bless you!

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