In the shallows now…

“Many Waters Cannot Quench His Love”
Acrylic on Canvas
Original art work by Nickalena 2019

My head is full of thoughts tonight.

The Midwest is literally underwater, farm animals and pets dying. Ranchers and farmers watching all they own overwhelmed by flood waters. The Northeast beginning to thaw after a brutal winter. It seems to be over then bounces back again and again dumping mountains of snow. A south Florida town several months ago suddenly “hopping with toxic toads”. So “toxic” that a small child or animal could be poisoned by touching one. They are in swimming pools, covering driveways, going everywhere in massive numbers. Northern California still in the beginnings of recovering from massive wild fires that wiped cities off the map. A new fire season already upon us. Houston still reeling following Hurricane Harvey, leaving thousands displaced by the damage. Puerto Rico, two years after Hurricane Maria still with condemned buildings, families living under tarps without power, surrounded by toxic mold. Terrorism across the globe where hundreds of Christians are being killed daily. Families and communities ambushed at funeral services. Abortion in this nation being promoted to the point of legalizing abortion up to the point of anything “prior to being birthed and outside the womb.” Great surgical accomplishments in gender reassignment surgeries. Giving men vaginas, and women “the wang they always wanted”. Drug overdoses taking the lives of so many young healthy people that the waiting list for donor organs is no longer years long. Wars and genocide, Ebola outbreaks. In case you don’t see it, we are living in what the Bible calls “End Times”.

That’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. What is one to think in the midst of today’s world. I can not tell you what to think, or how to teach your children. I can only tell you that in the midst of my darkest hour the name of Jesus will be on my lips. He alone is my rock and salvation. All else will fade away, except for Jesus.

I know what I believe and use to measure the catastrophic events occurring around the world. I know what is happening because I’ve read the manual several times. It’s been awhile but thankfully the “content” has stayed with me. It’s my plumb line, the tool by which all things can be aligned. It’s pretty much all there.

If reading about events to come in the bible wasn’t enough, we have been given great prophetic voices. The late John Paul Jackson and Bob Jones, Rick Joyner, Shawn Bolz and many others around the world.  John Paul Jackson explained in great detail the things that God had shown him. He told us where to find references to those events he had seen in painstaking detail. He wrote books and did online classes to try and educate the world as to the times we are living in, and what was to come.

There has likely never been a time in human history that it was easier to read, learn, study the Bible than today. There are dozens of translations and in every language known to man. It’s all there. The United States of America is beyond blessed by allowing anyone access to the Bible. A person can find a bible in this nation in every language and translation. We can read it online, or purchase a copy without fear of punishment or death. That my friends is unlike many other nations. Let the truth of that statement permeate  your bones. You have religious freedom, unlimited access to the Word of God everyday living with the United States and all territories.

You would think in a time like this people would be clamoring to understand what is happening. What do these events mean? We’ve had blood moons, unprecedented weather changes. It seems to me that the heavens are speaking. But instead, “CRICKETS”. People remain face forward looking at a screen and more engaged with a screen than life around them. We don’t seek God, His word, and interacting with other believers. We stay buried in social media, sites, games, streaming videos, television until the time we had is used up.  I’m not bashing the expanse of social media, or the internet. Just the volume of mindless meaningless content that avails no positive outcome in our lives. I know this because some of my time is wasted in the very same way.  It is a choice. It requires sacrifice of something mindless that may seem soothing, for something that will sustain us. 

As a population are not searching the right places for our answers. We truly are in the shallows now. The Bible says, “my people perish for a lack of vision”.  Our vision and world view is uniquely tailored to each of us by what we consume. Our vision is ultimately defined by our own cultural background, our habits, our economic status, and life experiences. 

We are so far in the shallows that many of us have no idea what is occurring in the world around us. We have cocooned ourselves in to a cozy spot.  Sadly being hidden away from the events of the world will not guarantee insulation from the effects of those events. We have become ignorant to the things happening in our own neighborhoods and communities. Our focus, “Face forward, eyes locked on a screen” is robbing us blind. Even in our work places, we are face to screen most of the day.

Tonight I entreat you to take a look around. What do you really put your hope in? Anything less than a relationship with Jesus will fail you. Anything other than knowing what the Bible really says, will let you down. Don’t be satisfied by anyone’s paraphrased condensed version of the Gospels. Don’t allow yourself to be “turned off on anything God” by what you see on TV, or posted from very one-sided perspectives. Find Him for yourself.

The God who created heaven and earth, all the creatures and you, is not boring or dull. He loves you. He created you before the foundations of this earth existed. You were his creation before creation. He loves you people. He loves you. He sent Jesus to the cross to die for your sins. All of them. Jesus paid the price with his blood to fulfill the law. God is not mad at you. He is not waiting for you to fail. He is not searching for your every flaw or fault. He is not rating sins on a scale. Sin is sin. Anyone telling you differently than that isn’t truthful. God is not counting our sins, because when he looks at us He sees us covered by the blood of Jesus. Part of what is broken in the church is that as believers we need to stop counting the sins of others. It’s not our job. 9If you want to hear the best I have ever heard on “The joy of the Lord”, go to the Abundant Life Fellowship website, Kelso, Washington and listen to a teaching from April 12th, 2019. 

Our job is speaking life to dry bones. Loving people around us in tangible ways. Loving what God loves. Sharing the “good news” that Jesus is real. He is risen. He is our healer. He is the lover of your soul. He has paid for your sins and offers you eternal life. The Bible-says this, Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things“. Philippians 4:8 NIV.

We are in the shallows now…but I beg you to send your spirit to deeper waters. Let the scales fall from your eyes. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal himself to you in a new way. Pick up a Bible and start reading it. I heard a wonderful speaker recently share this. “Read it, write it, pray it, say it, sing it,” Her encouragement to all of us on how to get the living word of God inside us. Start anywhere, any verse that stands out to you. Read it, write it, pray it, say it and sing it. Get yourself into the deep with the things of God. Meditate on His word. Let His truths go deep in your spirit.

It’s time for America to get out of the shallows NOW.

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