Remembering those we have Lost…

I woke up today dreaming of a friend who passed away in 2017.

Alyssa Dawn Stonex, It feels good to say her name out loud. In my dream we were just talking like old friends. I have known Alyssa since she was 6 years old. I was an adult without kids of my own so Alyssa quickly secured a piece of my heart for eternity. Alyssa was sweet, that kind of sweet that lingers like honey. She was all together genuine and authentic to her core. Alyssa lived with passion that moved and motivated those around her. Alyssa had been stricken with a mysterious autoimmune disorder as a little girl. She learned to live with infusions, treatments and many medical visits. She took it all in stride, she was resilient and filled with grace. She went to college, moved away, got married and began her adult life. I always remained connected to Alyssa getting updates from her family members.

Alyssa had a rock solid faith in the person of Jesus. Alyssa knew her Savior. She had known him since she was a very young child and enjoyed praying for her friends and anyone she believed had a need. Jesus was her Rock. Alyssa went on mission trips and continued to serve Jesus with all her heart all the days of her life. Alyssa was a warrior. She fought hard for the things she believed in, and for those she loved. She battled through all the obstacles to become a parent. She and her husband adopted two children and they became the absolute joy of her life. She learned to balance a life threatening lung condition with being a loving parent. No easy task but Alyssa loved them and poured herself into these beautiful gifts from heaven.

Alyssa’s condition had been very serious for sometime. She had endured hospitalizations, isolation to protect her fragile health and more medical treatment than anyone should have to embrace. She went through it all smiling, and loving those around her. Her little laugh quintessential Alyssa, effervescent and full of unshakable joy. Alyssa lived victoriously no matter what the situation facing her. She was brave beyond measure. She finally went home to be with Jesus on July 11, 2017. She was surrounded by family at home. Heaven received our best on that day. She left this earth at only 32 years of age.

In my dream Alyssa was healthy and radiant. She was smiling and full of things to share. I desperately wish I could remember the details of our conversation, but I was left only remembering the feeling of the dream. The dream was full of promise and hope. The bible says that God will wipe every tear away, and I saw no sadness in Alyssa. She was basking in the presence of her Savior Jesus. I woke up feeling like I had been with her, and I believe in the Spirit I was. I had taken a book out to use a few weeks ago and found Alyssa’s Memorial Service card in it. I found it today and looked at her photos again. She was full of light and love in those photos, but they paled to the radiance I had seen in my dream. She truly was glowing with the presence of God shining through her. She was so beautiful. I know that I will see her again, but until then Alyssa is part of the Great Cloud of Witness and is watching over us all.

The world has seen tremendous loss since 2020 began. I have lost several friends in the past year and into 2021. The comfort I have is in knowing that they also found their hope in Jesus. I will see them again. Until then, they are worshipping in heaven, basking in the awesome presence of almighty God.

I had my own near death experience in 2020. I will write about it sometime in detail. I will say for now that I had the most amazing time in the very presence of God. I spent 7 days and 6 nights hidden in the shadow of His wing. I had no fear of death, no tears or worries. I just rested in His beautiful presence. It was a place where the spirit realm was an overlay to the natural, an absolute God bubble. I pray that I never forget that experience. Jesus is real, and if you believe in Him you will have eternal life. If you don’t know him, please leave a comment so I can pray for you to meet Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

I looked at the calendar this afternoon and realized that tomorrow is Alyssa’s birthday. I am so thankful for my dream and visit with her. I’m believing it will bring comfort to her family. If you have lost loved ones this year, know that they are just beyond the veil. Hidden from our sight, but they are standing there next to the Father God.

I will leave you with this from Revelation 21:4, ” 4 He will wipe away every tear from their eyes,’ and there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the former things have passed away.”

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