Why not me? Nurse most of my life, called to write, lover of Jesus, seeking the authentic, the real, the true. Can't live without dark chocolate, Sumatra coffee, dogs, cockatoos, and real people and dental floss. Curious by nature, lover of art, gardening, cooking, photography. Holy Spirit trained, prophetic dreamer/seer annointing. Living outside the box, asking questions, seeking answers. For such a time as this...join me for the journey.

What’s in a name?

I’m sure by now you are wondering what Eliaslinked really means. Elias in Hebrew means “Jehovah God“, linked is a verb, meaning to connect. Hence Eliaslinked! God connected. What really connects us? Those things that we have in common, the things that make our hearts skip, or cause us to stop and ponder. God is […]